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You're graduating this year.
You're needing a new headshot for your resume.
You're expecting a bundle of joy in the next couple of months.
You're launching a new website and needing to feature on-brand photos.
You're hoping to not use the same family picture again for this year's holiday card.

Raise your hand if any of these sound like you:

Whatever the reason... There's plenty of important moments in our lives that deserve to be documented. So, let's get "take photos" checked off your lists sooner rather than later! And have a killer time in the process.

Who says graduation pictures have to be formal and stuffy? Or that your family has to wear matching outfits and stand in front of a dark, textured backdrop? Or that you have to rock a blazer with shoulder pads for a professional headshot?

We're in a new era, people! One in which photos showcase our personalities and the activities we enjoy doing.

Which is exactly why I take a photojournalistic approach to my portrait work, by incorporating your lifestyle as much as possible into your photos.


Each session includes 40-60 images which you can expect to land in your inbox 4 short weeks after.

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Look forward to remembering exactly what was happening during this time, which I'll capture for you by heavily focusing on the activities you enjoy doing as a family right now... ​​​​​​​Playing board games in the living room, walking the dog around the neighborhood, or enjoying some time at the beach during golden hour. 

If you're planning to use your family portraits for your holiday cards, take it from me and book your session before November. That way, there's plenty of time to take and edit photos, and print and mail your cards in time for the holidays.


$600 per hour | $200 add-on for hair and makeup

Mark this milestone achievement with cute photos for you to share on social media, to use for graduation announcements, and to frame and gift to your family. And, let's be real, to give to your parents so they have something to show off as they brag about you to their friends. (Yeah, it's embarrassing, but they're proud of you!)


$600 per hour | $200 add-on for hair and makeup

Receive super genuine photos. Because, sorry not sorry, my style isn't like in the magazines where you're on the beach in a gown with a 20 ft long train. Nope. Instead, you'll receive beautiful photos that are a real reflection of your day-to-day life and your amazingly strong body during this remarkable time.


$600 per hour

Feel comfortable in your own home as I snap some photos of you and your newborn. (Perhaps, even, in your adorable nursery you spent months putting together!) We'll take photos of whatever you feel most comfortable doing. And you'll feel way less stressed at the end of it all because you didn't have to hassle with traveling anywhere. Or come on over to my bright, white studio located in West Garden Grove!


$500 per 20-minute session | Price includes hair and makeup ($300 without hair/makeup)

Expect headshots that reflect both your personal and professional self. I'll arrange hair and makeup so you feel like your most confident self. As well as coordinate everyone's schedules for as little hassle on your end as possible. As a result, you'll receive 10-15 photos that reflect the true boss you are!


$900 per two hours | $200 add-on for hair and makeup

Receive a combination of both professional headshots and candid photos to create a cohesive look across your entire brand. We can incorporate something you love, like coffee, wine, or going to the beach, that helps establish a personal connection with your clients, and ultimately, more business with those clients you love.

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"I have used [Chelsea] to shoot my graduation photos for when I graduated with my bachelors and then again when I graduated with my masters. The way she captures people and moments is amazing! She has a way of getting her subjects of photos to open up and feel comfortable and really strives to create memorable and beautiful photos."

Katelyn, graduate

I can't wait to chat with you!