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You got the ring,
nailed down your date,
& picked the perfect venue.

 a wedding photographer!

If I had to guess, you probably turned to Google. Or Instagram. Or The Knot. Heck, maybe all three. And as you scrolled through pages and pages (and pages!) of photographers... it all started to feel veryyy daunting. 

And it's no wonder! With 628 Southern California photographers registered on The Knot alone, of course you're feeling overwhelmed!

And not only do many of their sites look the same, but they sound pretty similar too! They all say that they want you to be your authentic self. That they're not going to just take pretty photos. And that they want to be your friend.

So how are you supposed to tell them all apart? How are you going to figure out which one will connect with you on a personal level? And who is going to capture exactly what you want, while also letting you enjoy it all with your family and friends? 

now, it's time to find

Who knew finding a photographer was going to be even more challenging?!

Don't you wish you could just swipe right and match with the perfect one?

You thought finding your soulmate was going to be the hard part.

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

but feel free to call me chels.

Let me cut the fluff and break it all down...

As a professional photographer for 7 years, I know you're not looking for a best friend to take your photos. (You've probably already got one of those!) And it's a given that you want to feel, look, and be yourself on your wedding day. I mean, it's your wedding!

That's not to say that I'm not going to make some jokes. And sure, we'll probably share a few bottles of wine along the way. And it's probably true that by the time your wedding day arrives, it'll feel like a friend is following you around with a camera (because we'll have actually become friends!)

But, with me, you'll also get a photographer who:​​​​​​​

Takes the time to get to learn what's important to you

Provides you with the customer service you deserve

Makes you feel at ease by guiding you to look your best

Understands that this day is truly about celebrating with the people you love most in the world

Captures a mix of traditional and candid moments with edits that look and feel like your actual day (if not slightly better)

sound like more of what you're really looking for?
I thought it might ;)

I vow to make your experience a personalized one. With an end goal of making you look cooler than you ever thought possible. 

And the best way I know how to make that happen is by getting to know you. Your personalities. Your quirks. And, most importantly, what you're hoping to get out of your pictures on this special day.

So, here's how we'll get started:

my vow to you:

Your personalized (and rad) Experience.

step one

step two

step three

You'll reach out, and I'll respond within 24 hours! What can I say, I'm excited to talk to you!

We'll chat via email, phone, video, or in-person (whichever is easiest and most comfortable for you), so that you get your questions answered and I learn what you're looking for in a photographer.

I'll prepare a personalized proposal tailored to your specific needs - Along with my professional recommendations. 

Your proposal is exactly that - A proposal! It's adaptable. So, if you have any questions or changes, I'm more than open to talking about them. 

a reminder

"Chelsea is the definition of under promise, over deliver...I'll put it to you this way, the girl was on fire with her camera. In fact, you could tell that her photography experience was that of a black belt level almost instantly!  She just knew what to capture, when to capture and how to capture each shot... She shot for multiple hours at our wedding, captured everything we we're hoping she would, and then some."

Chris, groom

Real people experiencing 

Your grandma Sue giving you the biggest bear hug...

These are the real moments you'll value forever. These are the moments that help us move forward in life during the good times and bad. These are the moments you wish you could travel back in time too. And these are the moments I'll capture for you.

You getting ready with your best friends while you blast your favorite Britney song...

You and your partner’s reactions during your first look...

real moments.

Real moments that include real people having real emotions. 

click on the images below to see more real weddings.

I wanted candid, authentic moments; I didn't want an artsy interpretation of my wedding day. I saw Chelsea's work via Instagram and fell in love. I saw real couples and family moments and knew that I wanted Chelsea to be our photographer.”

“Photography was THE most important thing to me during the planning process. 

lauren, bride