wedding photography for the colorful lovers

photos as       as you


• They should be spent celebrating with family and friends.

• They should be a reflection of your personalities and preferences 
(I mean, if your favorite food is pizza, serve it! And save me a slice!)

• They should be *almost* worry-free.

You see, I used to think weddings were all about impressing people. But then I met some really cool couples (like YOU!), and I learned that weddings are about having fun and creating memories.

Here are some of my favorite couples having fun and creating memories of their own.

here's what I know to be true about weddings:

“Chelsea captured every single moment that showed the love and joy of our day. 

Jocelyn, bride

The photos she captured couldn’t have just been captured by any photographer. She focused on the real moments - the tears, the laughter, and the flower girl downing a bag of M&Ms during the ceremony.”

like what you see?