wedding photography for the colorful lovers

a mixed bag of photos

(in the absolute best way)

You're looking for a professional photographer to capture your            

But, maybe, that's not enough.

Maybe you also want that photographer to capture a good mix of classic wedding photos for mom and dad to frame AND genuine moments for you to share on social media. Someone who is a total pro while at the same time laid back and fun to have around.​​​​​​​

Maybe, just maybe, you're looking for a mix of the absolute best things a professional photographer can offer.

(I mean, obviously! Cell phone pictures just aren't going to cut it.)

big day.

Hmmm. Sounds like we're the perfect match.

for starters, I'm an enchanter. or, in other words, an enneagram 3w2

And part of the reason I'm able to provide that kind of gallery to my couples is because I read people really, really well. I know when to be a fly on the wall and when to go with the flow. I know when it's okay to talk and joke around. And I know when to put my head down and grind it out.

I also know to give you a minute when things get tense (instead of pushing you onto the next thing.)

But in order to get to this point, I first need to get to know you two really well.​​​​​​​

So here's what you can look forward to as we begin working together...

And I always have been.

In high school, I was always that person with a camera at football games and school dances. The minute the event was over, I'd​​​​​​​ post all the pictures to Facebook so my friends could remember and share them.

Which all makes total sense, looking back. Because delivering a photo gallery that includes the perfect mix of moments my couples expect and love is still the. most. satisfying. thing. 

I tend to be ambitious. Enthusiastic. A routine follower. Driven to achieve. And adaptable.

And that's why, from our very first email, you'll find I spend a good amount of time asking questions about the two of you. You'll receive a detailed questionnaire to complete. And I'll ask you to share your Pinterest boards with me so I can quite literally see how it is you envision your wedding day.

And, in return, I can provide you with the photos you have always wanted. 

A You-focused process.

It was back in college when I offered to take my friends graduation photos. I had a good camera and loved taking pictures, so why not capture even more memories for people other than myself? And even though I had only taken a few studio classes as a photojournalism major, the photos turned out pretty good!

It kind of snowballed from there. People loved the photos I was taking of them. They would get just as giddy as I did when they saw their pictures. And that's when I knew - I wanted to be a photographer. 

But why their photos look so good was because I know my friends and sister well. And I knew what they were hoping to look like in their photos.

“She was diligent about ensuring that all of the requested photos were done and done on time and accommodated special requests and spontaneous photos. And the greatest thing is you didn't even know she was there. She was so great about capturing the action but not interrupting the moment.” 

Tracy, Mother of the Bride

total comfort in no time.

Connection is super important when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer. That person is around you pretty much the whole day, so you want to make sure you can easily talk to them. To honestly tell them how you feel. And to be able to trust them to help you feel at ease.

I want the same thing! I want the three of us to feel so comfortable that you aren't afraid to tell me if something feels awkward. And vice versa. Because fun fact - If something feels awkward, it probably looks awkward.

And that's why, a large part of what I do (after we've gotten to know one another and I've learned what's important to you) is to direct you into natural poses. Or what I like to call candid posing. I'll simply prompt you to do something you two would do normally. Then I'll come in and fine tune things by telling you to pop your leg, point your toe or look at each other instead of the camera.

And, in return, I can provide you with the photos you've always wanted. 

 When I finally got to meet her the day of my wedding, it was like I was seeing an old friend. She made me feel so comfortable, she listened to me ramble, and she had us all laughing!”

Stephanie, Bride

“From the first time we spoke, I could tell she was going to be the laid back but professional personality I needed for my wedding day.

      Above all else.


You having a completely rad experience is HUGE for me. Which is why, with everything related to the wedding, I'll try and put myself in your shoes first.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

I never want you to feel ghosted or like you were missing out on something. I also know how busy you are and how great it feels to have your questions answered quickly. And because I'm a creature of consistency and routine, you'll receive answers to your questions usually within 2-hours. (During non-sleeping hours, of course.) 

In the months leading up to your wedding, I hope to keep your trust by providing consistent, transparent and positive communication.

l'll provide vendor recommendations if there's anyone you still need to hire.​​​​​​​ And you'll have help from me in creating a detailed wedding day timeline.

Bottom line is... I'm here for you.


"Almost immediately after filling out an inquiry on her website I received an email from Chelsea asking to chat. I can be a bit shy... but I felt so comfortable with Chelsea. She is so real and you get the feeling that she's there for you as a couple immediately." 

Lauren, bride

time with family and friends.

You don't have to worry about those special moments being lost forever. Or spending too much time taking photos instead of celebrating with family and friends. 'Cause what I'm going to photograph most on your wedding day isn't your shoes. Or your escort cards. Or your flowers. (Although, I will get all of those things too!)

It's your people.

I can't help it - Quality time is my love language! During the holidays, I most look forward to playing card games with my family more than looking at lights or exchanging presents.

Which is why, I work quickly (but efficiently) to make sure we have time to take portraits during golden hour and for you to spend time with your special people.

And I strive to capture the feeling of everyone coming together to celebrate you. The moments that you were and weren't there for. And the moments you want memorialized forever. 

Hit me up so I can share even more. And because I really want to know about you!

did I cover everything?

I, Chelsea Smith, promise to...

Make sure you are having the TIME of your lives during your sessions and wedding day!

Show you pictures of my pups, and ask you to show me yours.

Order myself a grande iced vanilla latte and panini from Starbucks the morning of your wedding.

Try and not cry when I hear your personal vows during your ceremony or speeches from your parents and best friends during your reception.

Eat a cookie if you serve them at your wedding. (I'm not really a cake person.)

“She has a way about her that puts the whole family at ease, and that’s why we’re delivered killer photos each and every time - because we’re just being ourselves and she manages to capture those truly genuine moments (of course paired with her ability to time our shoots with perfect lighting and her overall unique style).”

Emily, bride