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Three benefits of having a photographer at your wedding venue for the first time

Why choose a wedding photographer with a fresh perspective at your venue?

When you start reading up on and researching wedding photographers, you’ll probably come across some helpful articles. And some of those articles will stress how important it is that your wedding photographer has experience photographing at your venue. So, naturally, it’s become a common concern for many couples.

And I understand! Really. It’s a totally valid concern. You want to make sure that your wedding photographer knows everything about your wedding venue so they know the best places for lighting and the best spots to take photos.

Knowing the venue before working there is helpful, but here’s the thing… It’s also super easy to get burned out photographing the same venues and spaces over and over (and over!) again. 

There’s nothing wrong with familiarity, of course! But if you’re looking through my (or any photographer’s) portfolio and have concerns that I don’t have experience working at your venue, I hope to provide you with some reassurance.

Here are a few reasons why it’s good for a photographer to step into a venue with a fresh perspective.

1. It forces creativity

When someone photographs the same places multiple times, it becomes repetitive. Sure, working in a venue many times over means I know all the nooks and crannies of that space. And that I can guide you with my eyes closed. But photographing the same places and the same poses can also lead to burn out and creative ruts. 

Going to a new venue fills up my inspiration bucket. It keeps my mind fresh and my photographer’s eye constantly on the lookout. Instead of going through the same ole motions, I’m inspired by new ideas. And that excitement results in unique wedding photos. 

There are so many wedding venues in Southern California. Some of which I’ve never even heard of. So, if I’ve never worked at your venue before, know that I’m pumped by the prospect and spurred on by the muse. It’s my chance to discover something new and provide you with a collection of frame-worthy wedding photos. 

Also, I’ll keep everything running smoothly and know where the ideal spots are for indoor and outdoor photos (especially for the coveted golden hour!) by showing up on your wedding day early to scout the venue. And, if it’s a reasonable distance from my home, I can join you and/or your wedding planner beforehand to explore and form a plan.

2. It prevents us from getting lazy

It’s super easy for photographers to get burned out from venues they’ve photographed a lot. Although some would rather stick with what’s familiar, I love working at new venues. And I do it all the time! So even though I may not have experience working at your venue before, I do have experience photographing the unknown.

Experiencing a new place for the first time is exhilarating! I genuinely look forward to it. But

if you’re feeling unsure in any way, I’m happy to show you galleries of weddings where I photographed for the first time. For starters, check out Will and Ryan’s Lido Marina Village wedding.

Whether it’s me photographing your wedding or another, ask if they’ll check out your venue before. And as I mentioned above, I like to schedule a walkthrough with you and/or your wedding planner before the wedding day. Or, I’ll plan to show up at least 30-minutes early on your wedding day to get a feel for the venue. A photographer shouldn’t be that stingy with time. 

3. We see the space in a whole new way

Whether I’m working at a familiar venue or a new one, I like to look at the space with a fresh perspective. Instead of taking the same ole pictures in the same ole places, I prefer to use some imagination and look at things differently. This is much easier to do at a new venue where everything is different from what I know. 

When I walk into a venue I haven’t photographed before, I try to approach it in a way that no one else has. You may have seen other photographer’s pictures of your venue and they may be beautiful. But everyone’s style is different. And they may have photographed that space a hundred times over. 

You’ll get bomb photographs no matter your venue

Whether I’ve photographed your venue before or not, I promise to provide you exceptional wedding photos. I always strive to produce the best work and exceed your expectations, no matter how many times I’ve worked at a venue.

Going in with a fresh pair of creative eyes allows me to see the venue uniquely. As a result, you get truly inspired wedding photographs. But even if your venue is a place I’ve photographed before, your photos will express you and your fiance’s personalities and wedding style. That means I not only photograph the best spots but I photograph them with you in mind. This might mean using a different angle or photographing from a different point of view.  

Here’s an example…

Franciscan Gardens Wedding in San Juan Capistrano

(From left to right: First look, bridesmaids, bridal party, couple portrait)

Franciscan gardens wedding

Ellen & Mitch’s wedding at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano

(From left to right: First look, bridesmaids, bridal party, couple portrait)

With me as your photographer, no matter where you say “I do,” I’ll be there to capture it in beautiful detail. But know your concerns matter to me. And last thing I want is to miss a chance to work with you and your partner because you’re unsure about how well I know your wedding venue. 

Want to see some beautiful first-time venue wedding galleries? Want to chat a bit more about your venue? Hit me up!

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