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Elopement in Southern California and How to Elope

About the elopement

Like most couples of 2020, K + A had to reschedule their wedding multiple times. So finally they decided to elope and have a small celebration with a close group of friends and family members. Everything was organized so last minute, but it ended up being the perfect elopement! It was one of my first LGBTQ+ elopements and I was so emotional and feeling all the love from the two of them, and their guests!

How to Elope

People always ask “Is eloping the same as getting married?” The answer is yes. Getting married is the same, it just means it’s a more casual smaller wedding. You will still be able to be officiated and still be able to invite your family and friends!

You and your partner can decide last minute to have a celebration as K+A did. And you can have an elopement in secret and make the announcement later. There is no right or wrong way to elope, an elopement is something special and unique!

There are endless combinations of wedding styles, and as you plan your special day, you are bound to have more questions. This is where elopement comes into play. Elopement is a combination of the words elope, meaning to run away secretly, and wedding, and is an ancient ceremony that has been around since the beginning of time. It could date back as early as 200 B.C., where the Romans would unite people together through this process. Today, elopement is still practiced in many cultures around the world.

Is an elopement cheaper than a wedding?

An elopement can be really inexpensive if you don’t involve any vendors. If you choose vendors to join you to capture your experience, then it can cost a bit more. If you choose a venue, you will have food costs and host it in that specific location. Sometimes people choose to elope at City Hall which we have photographed before too!

More information about elopements

If you are interested in learning more about our elopements. And if want to book one with me as your photographer, please reach out to me!

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