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How to plan the perfect marriage proposal

In today’s day and age, proposing has become almost as big of a deal as weddings.

Seriously! From morning news shows like Today and Good Morning America to Instagram posts and dedicated handles like How They Asked and Just Said Yes… they’re everywhere! 

Which may or may not be adding some extra pressure on you or your partner to plan the perfect marriage proposal.

When planning a romantic proposal, there are many things to consider. A special time, location, and of course the ring. A surprise Proposal adds an exciting element to the ultimate question with proven methods and a few creative twists that will give you the secret edge over your competition. We’ll show you how to put all the pieces together and give your loved one the moment they will always remember.

Real-Life Marriage Proposal

Meet Stefan and Megan whose proposal was featured on Just Said Yes.

This proposal is close to my heart because I know Megan personally – having met in college and she has been one of my associate photographers for __ years. So, when Stefan texted me that he was going to propose and if I could photograph it, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of such a special moment in their lives

Here’s the scoop: Megan and Stefan have been together a little over three years. 

Stefan mentioned to Megan that he wanted to propose before March in the middle of last year. Megan wanted to make sure she could plan her wedding accordingly since all of her friends were getting engaged. And the fact that she’s a wedding photographer – there are a lot of schedules with limited weekend availability to juggle!

When Stefan called me about 2-3 weeks before he decided to propose, I told him first things first – he needed to make sure her nails were done. His response: “That’s so weird, she just signed up for this nail service.”

Proposal with Pear Shaped Engagement Ring-chelsea-smith-photo

Coincidence? I think not! 

As you can see from the photos, Ozzy their Goldendoodle was included in their proposal. For instance, they take a lot of walks with him in Naples and Long Beach, so Stefan thought of proposing during one of their walks on the bridge. 

We scoped out the spots, found the perfect one, and had everything planned and ready to go. 

We found a beautiful spot that was secluded and quiet enough for their proposal!

Mission accomplished!

Tips on How to Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal

A proposal comes down to a few essential things:

  • Picking a location
  • Including something meaningful (like an activity, item, pet, etc.)
  • We can help set up some special details

Most of the time, the proposer doesn’t have a specific vision in mind. If this is you – know you’re not alone! 

They have the ring, and they just know they want to make the experience thoughtful and a surprise.

For instance, I ask them if they have a location in mind. If they say no, I ask them what kind of things they do together. Sometimes it’s walking on the beach, bike rides, watching the sunset. 
To make sure they dressed up a little more for the occasion, I had him tell her they were going to go on a Duffy boat ride with friends after their usual weekend picnic.

What makes a marriage proposal perfect or memorable?

The surprise factor. 

And! Doing something personal. 

You see all of these grand proposals with over-the-top flowers, those are great, but can sometimes be too over the top!

For instance, another great way is to arrange a surprise party with all your friends and family!

And in case you also want photos of the party – I’m down to take them! That way, you can focus on celebrating and I can provide you photos of the occasion.

The Perfect Proposal in a Nutshell (or in a Ring Box)

Whatever you decide to do, make it personal. 

Your proposal isn’t successful because it was featured on Instagram or in a magazine.

It’s successful because it’s memorable to the two of you. 

After all, this marriage is about YOU! Not the rest of the world.

Need help planning the perfect proposal?

Let’s Chat!

Or already have an idea but need a photographer to capture it?

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hiking marriage proposal by chelsea smith photo

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