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Where Should You Get Ready on Your Wedding Day?

Airbnb vs Hotel Room: Which is Best For Getting Ready Wedding Photos?

While it has become super popular to get married at an Airbnb wedding venue, it’s important to think about where to get ready if you are getting married at a traditional venue too! When it comes to getting ready for the wedding, most couples revert to using their ceremony’s bridal/groom suites. Or, book a room at a nearby hotel. One things for sure, you want to make sure you have killer getting ready wedding photos!

While many venues have great getting ready spaces and hotel rooms can be convenient, I like to think a little outside the box and recommend booking an Airbnb.

When you book an Airbnb, you get a whole house or apartment to yourself. And you have way more control over how much space you need and the style of the space. 

Even better, there’s probably an Airbnb close to your wedding venue, which means you can take your time getting ready. And the photographer can take their time capturing all of the fabulous pre-wedding moments. 

Still on the fence about it? Here are 5 more reasons…


Your getting ready space sets the tone for the rest of the day. If it’s messy, chaotic, cramped, and crowded, your mindset may be too. And that’s definitely no way to start such an important day!

Very few hotel rooms have enough space for all the things…and people. Even if your wedding party is small, add in hair and makeup items, flowers, food, dresses, luggage, and drinks, and you have yourself one cramped space. 

Sure, you could book multiple hotel rooms to allow yourselves to spread out and get ready, but that solution will probably cost you more than just renting a private Airbnb. Plus, if you’re all spread out, it’s going to be more difficult to get good photos. And honestly, you’ll probably all end up in the same room anyway because of FOMO.

Let me put it this way – Would you rather want a cute photo of you and your girls on a spacious patio or alll crammed together on a bed? Would you rather have your guys opening up their gifts at a large dining room table or around a small coffee table?

An Airbnb gives you and your wedding party plenty of bedrooms all in one space, and you can set up specific areas (like hair and makeup) to keep things tidy. 

Things will be less chaotic. Everything will look clean on camera. And also, more bathrooms!


Furniture and decor may just be things, but they’re things that can add or subtract from the overall vibe of your getting ready photos. 

And I don’t know about you, but a lot of hotel rooms I’ve seen have bland color schemes, basic furniture, and odd decor pieces. 

The cool thing about booking an Airbnb is that you can choose the look and feel of your getting ready space. You may even find one that totally complements your wedding vibe. 

For example, maybe you’re getting married on the beach and you find a super cute seaside Airbnb with a cool color palette and cute cottage furniture. Imagine those getting ready pictures! 

Now imagine the same wedding vibe with getting ready photos taken inside a dimly lit hotel room decorated with lamps from the 90s or super-modern wallpaper that totally clashes with your bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Hard pass!

Airbnb (Left) | Hotel (Right)


So let’s say you’re not interested in a hotel room but have the option of getting ready at your or your parents home. There’s plenty of space, which is awesome! But before you dismiss an Airbnb, think about the logistics of getting ready there.

Do you want to rush around straightening up things? Moving paperwork off the kitchen table? Hiding clutter so you can get the getting ready photos you want?

If this sounds stressful, I highly recommend switching your getting ready place to an Airbnb. It’s already cleaned and everything’s put away. There’s likely no clutter or the everyday things that make a house look lived in taking up space.  

The wedding party can even head back to the Airbnb after the reception (given that it’s okay with the host) for an afterparty, to stay the night, or simply grab their things so they don’t have to haul it around to and from your wedding all evening. And you and your partner can check into your honeymoon suite and not have to worry if the bed has been made and the room looks tidy.

Hotel room


As mentioned before, hotel rooms tend to look the same, they’re usually poorly lit, and they offer limited places for unique photos. Airbnb homes, however, are almost the complete opposite. 

For starters, they have way more windows! And natural light is a welcome friend when it comes to creating even more flattering photos. 

An Airbnb will also offer more varied photo opportunities. Instead of being limited to one hotel room or meeting space, we’ll be able to take pictures inside, outside, and around the Airbnb home.



And speaking of home, Airbnbs give you more of that cozy, at-home feeling that hotel rooms lack. You may even find fun extras like fire pits, arcade games, a private bar, a swimming pool, and whatever nice surprises the host may add to the mix. 

The other great part about booking an Airbnb is that you can bring your stuff and leave it there knowing it’s safe and sound while you’re getting married. Bring your own food, alcohol, maybe even your fur baby! 

It will feel a lot more like home, but you won’t have to worry about cleaning up afterward. At least, not too much, anyway.

Needless to say, I love the idea of using an Airbnb as a getting ready space. That doesn’t mean I (or any photographer) can’t get incredible pictures in a hotel room, venue suite, or personal home. But really, I just love sharing alternative options to these traditional places. 

I know not many couples consider Airbnbs for their wedding day, but from my experience, they should definitely become a thing!


Reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about airbnb wedding venues, getting ready wedding photos, and hire me to capture your day!


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